ACBF AGSMEIS Loan Training Commencement Date

We are pleased to inform you that the African Community Bridge Foundation Training for AGSMEIS is set to commence. have you received a message from the board?

If yes! Congratulations, you are part of those that will be trained to partake in the ACBF AGSMEIS loan training.


Meanwhile, you can follow the guidelines below to be part of the training exercise

Follow these steps to access your online training videos;

Click on the link OR Download the “ACBF”  app on Playstore.

You can use this link to download:: 

Put the username and password ( your username is  xxxxxxxxx) in (lower caps/small letters) and the default password is ACBF111111111111). 

Change the password provided to you to a password you can remember.

Click on the Home button (the Home button is found by clicking the 3 white-dashes just at the top left and green portion of the site) – Scroll to Available courses and click on Entrepreneurship Development Training.

Click on the video and begin your class.

You can log in anytime to join access your lecture materials.

Note: The commencement date is not specific but carries with each candidates

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