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Anglo American Nature Positive Grant 2021 – $500 000 to be Disbursed to Beneficiaries (How to Apply)



Anglo American Nature Positive Grant 2021 - $500 000 to be Disbursed to Beneficiaries (How to Apply)

Anglo American Nature Positive Grant 2021 – Since 2020, the concept of Nature Positive future has been gaining rapid traction amongst business and civil society and being promoted to governments.


Collaborative partnerships of conservation nonprofit organisations (NPOs), United Nations organisations and businesses are motivating for the Global Goal for Nature: Nature Positive by 2030[1] to be adopted internationally at the upcoming Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD CoP15) in October 2021.

Adopting a nature positive approach means halting and reversing nature loss measured from a baseline of 2020, through increasing the health, abundance, diversity and resilience of species, populations and ecosystems so that by 2030 nature is visibly and measurably on the path of recovery.

By 2050, nature must recover so that thriving ecosystems and nature-based solutions continue to support future generations, the diversity of life and play a critical role in halting runaway climate change.

This is achieved by retaining and restoring natural ecosystems and halting the decline of biodiversity, transitioning towards a nature-positive economy reflecting the real costs and benefits of nature and reducing production and consumption footprints, ensuring a healthy environment for healthy societies through the use of nature-based solutions that conserve and sustainably use biodiversity to meet society’s needs and recognise and support the rights and stewardship of indigenous people and local communities in biodiversity conservation and decision-making.

Anglo American is taking a leadership role in delivering a Nature Positive future in line with the Global Goal for Nature. Achieving positive impact, demonstrating and sharing outcomes in the wider landscapes, seascapes, countries and regions in which we operate, are fundamental to our way of working.

Request for Proposals for Anglo American Nature Positive Grant 2021

Anglo American, through the Anglo American Foundation, is inviting suitably qualified nonprofit organisations (NPOs) or academic institutions to submit proposals that support a Nature Positive future.

Applicants may submit more than 1 (one) proposal but only 1 (one) per organisation/institution will be awarded.

Eligibility criteria Anglo American Nature Positive Grant 2021

Through this grant, Anglo American is looking to support projects that:

  1. Focus on at least three of the following ten core Nature Positive activities:
    1. conservation of priority of species (vertebrates and/or plants) which are listed as Data Deficient (DD), Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN); or Vulnerable (VU) in terms of the IUCN Red List (Global status is preferred but not essential),
    2. conservation of priority habitats,
    3. restoration of priority habitat,
    4. priority species recovery,
    5. improvement of ecosystem services,
    6. sustainable livelihood programmes,
    7. collaboration and support to institutions and conservation authorities,
    8. contribute to national and/or regional conservation plans and targets,
    9. contribute to scientific knowledge, and/or
    10. build local in-country capacity and resources.
  2. Are located in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia or Zimbabwe.
  3. Span between ten and thirty-six months.

Additionally, to be eligible for consideration, organisations must:

  • Have a solid track record of delivering similar projects and can clearly demonstrate past successes.
  • Have a regional presence in Southern Africa.
  • Have been in existence for a period of at least three years.
  • Be legally registered not-for-profit entities in the country of operation and/or implementation.
  • Have proven capacity to monitor and report on the effective project implementation.

Anglo American expects to award grants from a total budget of US$500 000. The ideal project should commence in the last quarter of 2021, requiring a grant of between US$50 000 and US$250 000 to achieve demonstrable outcomes within a defined time period.

Anglo American does not fund projects that are:

  • Capital in nature, i.e. building infrastructure. Where project vehicles are required, this should be well motivated.
  • From for-profit organisations.
  • Of a political or religious nature. (NB developmental initiatives by faith-based organisations would be eligible, as long as the benefits of this work are not exclusive to people of a particular faith or denomination).
  • Purely for academic research and do not have clear conservation outcomes. Attending workshops or conferences will also not be considered.
  • Sponsorships for events and/or functions.
  • Direct donations or grants to individuals.
  • Student fees.

Grant application process for Anglo American Nature Positive Grant 2021

  • To apply, please complete this proposal submission form and attach the required supporting documents. All of these documents are required and non-submission could jeopardise your proposal:
    • Complete application form
    • Organisational registration certificate.
    • Organisation’s founding documents, for example:
  • Constitution,
  • Trust Deed,
  • Memorandum of Incorporation,
  • Articles of Association.
  • Audited annual financial statement from previous financial year (ideally not older than 18 months at the time of submission).
  • Management accounts for the current financial year, to date.
  • Tax clearance certificate or letter of good standing, from the local receiver of revenue in the country where registered.
  • Proof of organisation’s physical address (in the form of a utility bill or a letter from the municipality).
  • List of the organisation’s full board (governance structure), written-up on the organisation’s or institution’s own letterhead.

Where the following documents are available, please also submit:

  • Proof of legal registration as a tax-exempt public benefit/nonprofit/non-governmental organisation or academic institution.
  • A formal letter from key project partner(s) on their letterhead confirming their participation (where applicable).

Additional notes:

  • Proposals must be submitted in English.
  • Organisations that do not hear back from us within twelve weeks should assume they are unsuccessful.
  • Organisations that are approached for any additional information and certain compliance documentation, should expect to return their documents by 17 September 2021.

The proposal submission and vetting processes will be managed for Anglo American by Tshikululu Social Investments NPC (Tshikululu) who will be assisting a Selection Committee comprising representatives from a range of Anglo American divisions and operations.

  • Proposals will undergo initial screening and vetting and if successful will be forwarded to the Selection Committee who will decide on a shortlist. 
  • Shortlisted candidates will be required to submit additional documents which will be vetted, including and not limited to:
  • Proof of ID and address for all governance body members; and
  • CVs of key project staff (max 2 pages each)
  • Shortlisted candidates will then be submitted to the Selection Committee who will determine the final award recipient(s).

The official closing date for proposals is:

31 July 2021

23:59 (Central African Time)

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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