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Apply for FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience Grants (Up to $1,000)



Apply for FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience Grants (Up to $1,000)

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) grant application period opens October 1, 2021, and applications will be accepted through November 15, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. EST.

These $1,000 grants given out by the CCOF Foundation support the next generation of Future Organic Farmers (FOF).


Owen Gould, 2020 FOF grant recipient, focused his SAE project on soil development and health in his own vegetable garden. Grant funding allowed him to dive deeply into learning the complex, challenging, and rewarding world of organic agriculture.

Throughout the project, Gould had opportunities to learn about soil health through composite soil testing and analysis. He was also able to delve into the fundamentals of running a business, such as how to utilize QuickBooks for budgeting, income, and expense reports; explore garden design software, and understand equipment repairsā€”all integral components to establishing a fruitful enterprise.

Armed with the support of advisors and peers, and with financial assistance from the CCOF Foundation, Gould is poised to turn his goals and ambitions into success in the agricultural field.

CCOF Foundation invites interested FFA students to apply for the upcoming grant on theĀ FFA website. Additional information about the CCOF Foundation and FFA SAE grant information can be found by visiting ourĀ Future Organic Farmers website. You can also access theĀ Organic SAE project poster.

Fine Print: Applicants must be students in grades 7ā€“11 who are current FFA members. Applicantsā€™ financial needs are considered for grant decisions. Proposed SAE projects must follow USDA organic production standards. Applicants must clearly specify their intended organic production methods in their SAE project description to be considered for an award.

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