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eNaira Price exchange rate Today January 2022



eNaira Price exchange rate Today October 2021

eNaira price exchange rate today, since the introduction of the eNaira, the currency has been paired against the Dollar currency to enable the world to understand the value of one against the other.

You will recall that the eNaira is a stable coin, this means it works like fiat money and so does not rise with respect to pump or otherwise, the currency gains its value only when the economy of the nation is growing, for instance, when the export commodity rise by a greater rate, it aids the eNaira to rise in value.


Increase demand for local products and successful trade with international bodies boost the rise of the eNaira price thereby enabling it to appreciate in value. Also, the dollar to eNaira is usually compared because most of the products and services Nigerians buy abroad are exchanged in Dollars.

The eNaira is a digital currency initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria and approved by the Federal Republic of Nigeria to help strengthen the Naira and stabilize the country’s economy GDP.

eNaira Price Exchange Rate, USDT and other open market digital currencies attain market value through capital invested into it by trade so that it can be quoted in public financial market and logs.

This page is being updated in every 10hr to make a change on Dollar to eNaira Exchange rate balance.

Today eNaira Price Exchange Rate is $1 = N410 – CBN Official Rate

1 CENT is equal to 0.1083271213 Naira.

Convert US Dollar to eNaira Price Today Exchange Rate

1 USD409.679 NGN
5 USD2,048.39 NGN
10 USD4,096.79 NGN
25 USD10,242 NGN
50 USD20,483.9 NGN
100 USD40,967.9 NGN
500 USD204,839 NGN
1,000 USD409,679 NGN
5,000 USD2,048,390 NGN
10,000 USD4,096,790 NGN
50,000 USD20,483,900 NGN

Dollar to eNaira Pricing

Convert Nigerian eNaira to Dollar

1 NGN0.00244077 USD
5 NGN0.0122038 USD
10 NGN0.0244077 USD
25 NGN0.0610192 USD
50 NGN0.122038 USD
100 NGN0.244077 USD
500 NGN1.22038 USD
1,000 NGN2.44077 USD
5,000 NGN12.2038 USD
10,000 NGN24.4077 USD
50,000 NGN122.038 USD

eNaira to Dollar

Dollar to eNaira Exchange Rate – Procedure to Login to eNaira Wallet

  • Dollar to eNaira Exchange Rate (Today Exchange Rate) Procedure to Login to eNaira Wallet
  • Go to the eNaira Official website via
  • Click ‘Sign Up’. You will need to use your active e-mail address in order to receive a confirmation letter
  • After Sign Up, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.
  • In the e-mail, you will find the activation link. Click it, to activate your account.
  • Use the e-mail and password that you have registered before to sign in on the login page.

Once you have logged in, you will see your Wallet Summary and the Transaction Page.

To send your eNaira to another wallet, simply go to the Transaction page, fill in the eNaira Wallet account details and Amount fields and press Send.

Today eNaira Exchange rate is stated above, kindly note that this page is refreshed every 10 hours to see the new exchange.

What you should know about the Digital Currency

  • In August, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced that Bitt Inc., an international fintech firm, has been appointed as the Technical Partner for its digital currency, dubbed eNaira, which would be presented later this year.
  • Bitt Inc is a financial technology business that uses blockchain and distributed ledger technology to enable safe peer-to-peer transactions with seamless mobile money across Bitt’s software and mobile apps.
  • The Central Bank of Nigeria has stated that the e-naira which will be launched on October 1, is a legal tender equal to the naira and must be accepted as a form of payment by all merchants and business establishments.
  • For more information visit the official website here.
  • You can also learn how to become an eNaira Merchant and start making money.

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Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.



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