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Steps on How to Apply For Jobs Online in 2021



Steps on How to Apply For Jobs Online in 2021

In recent times, many companies had taken further steps to adopt a digital system of posting jobs online to enable the interested applicants to submit their applications online via the company’s website.

All the applicants are always expected to follow the laydown format as directed on the employer’s website before they fill the form.


However, it’s very vital for an applicant who is searching for jobs online to understand and get themselves abreast of how this whole process works.

Continue reading this article to the end in other to figure out how to apply for online jobs, know the necessary requirements needed, know where to search for online jobs, etc.

As an applicant who is aspiring to get employed via an online platform, you ought to bear in mind that you might be expected to upload all necessary details online.

Tips on How to Apply For Jobs Online

1. Go through a Job Application Sample Form

The essence of this job sample form is to help you see what the form looks like, read through the necessary requirements. This process will also give you a hint on how you can draft a rough work that includes all the basic information that the employer needs on the website.

After which; you can start filling the main form online. The above procedures will help you fill an error-free application form whenever you intend to fill or apply for jobs online.

In case you do not understand the questions on the form, you can search for that question online and be sure to get an answer to it.

2. Avail You Resume Online

Honesty, originality, and current information are what an employer really wants from a job applicant. Your resume has to be legit and up-to-date, containing all your relevant details. For example, your full employment history and your present contact detail.

Of what use will it be if your resume refuses to get the attention of the hiring manager? Perhaps, this could happen when a resume is not properly saved with the right keywords and a cover letter attach to it.

For example, use (John Samuel Resume.doc) this format to save your resume. Ensure to attach a cover letter to your application form when applying for a job online.

Do not forget to have a duplicate copy of your cover letter in case the need arises where you have to submit a fresh resume with new details on the cover letter.

3. Provide Your Working Experience

This entails all your employment history; ranging from your educational background, details of your recent contact information, title & description of your previous job, the date you started working, and also when you stopped working.

Also include all the positions you handled, your salary history, and perhaps your supervisor’s phone number. This concept is derived from the fact that most online job application accepts similar information.

4. Create Account & Subscribe to Job Site

As a job applicant; the need to create an account on job sites is a bold step. This is because most job site entails new visitors to create a user account before they can eligible to apply for online jobs.

Applicants can search for online jobs and create accounts with their social media ( LinkedIn, Facebook) or Google details; depending on the job sites.

While creating your account, ensure to use legit and current information. Avoid the upload of fake or outdated information on the website. Provide your recent email address, create a user name and attach a strong password to it.

List of Sites to Apply For Jobs Online

    this are reliable online platforms where you can apply for jobs online.

5. Have a Choice or be Selective

As an applicant, know what you want and go for it. Do not apply for every job you see online, you should have a taste or idea of the type of job or industry you want. However, try to comprehend the basic requirements included in the job description.

If the requirements actually suit your kind of job, then you can apply for the position you want. You can also select a job that matches your skills while you keep searching for other jobs online.

6. Use Keyword to Search for Jobs Online.

When searching for jobs online, using the right keyword really matters in other to get the desired result. Use (List of online jobs), to get the various online jobs available online.

This method is effective when searching for the right keyword(s), as it requires a detailed description of jobs, recent contact address, job title, etc.

Note: add a desired position or role you want to handle if you get employed. Also, specify the industry you would like to work with. If you have a skill and feel you want to explore, you can search for jobs that match your skill.

7. At What Days Are You Available to Work?

If you are already engaged with something and feel you have enough time to do another job as a side hustle or part-time job and make more money for yourself, you can also apply for jobs online.

Note: if you intend to apply for part-time jobs available online, know that you need to provide information(s) in that regard. Most employers are interested in knowing about your schedule.

For example, if your schedule is flexible enough to enable you to work weekend shifts, evenings, or night shifts; you can emphasize it when filling in your application details and perhaps, during your interview.

It may interest you to know that employers are more interested in job applicants who can work during these flexible hours which other employees tend to reject.

In most cases, employers tend to employ applicants with flexible working days, provided they are willing to work for their money. Those who apply with such resumes get employed quickly.

8. Instructions For Online Job Application

While filling in your details online and before you click the Submit button, ensure to scan through your application details to know if you followed the right procedures as instructed on the site.

These are common mistakes many job applicants do and end up not getting a phone call for an interview and without a clue of why their application couldn’t get positive feedback.

Note: follow the basic application guide or instructions before you start filling in your details. Most job sites do program certain requirements as part of the things involved in the application process.

Such as; attaching a cover letter to your resume, take an online test, change passport background to a specific background colour, etc.

After ensuring your details tally with the job site instructions, kindly save or copy out your login details as a reference to the user account you created on the job application site.

9. Follow-up and Track Your Online Job Application

After applying for a job inline, it is ideal if you could keep track of your online application status. After a week or two, you can email a reminder to the company with the intention to know if your application can be considered.

For example, let the company know how much you value and always wish to work with the company.

Ensure to express yourself in a calm, polite, and friendly manner to avoid looking or sounding too desperate as some employers may think you have an ulterior motive for submitting your application on their website.

Hence, you can place a call or email someone you know that works in that organization to help you check your application status.

10. Continue Applying

Finding a job online is not the only means of searching. Try to build your network by telling both family and friends about your application status.

Who knows; they could assist you on that note. While you are in search of jobs online, you can also check offline.

This is because some job vacancies are not published online with reasons best known to the manager. You could get such employment through your offline network such as your friend or through family members.

We believe these outlined methods of how to apply for jobs online will help you secure the job of your dream! Always keep hope alive and be confident you will definitely get that dream job.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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