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Make Free Call While the Receiver Pays on AIRTEL – Dial this Code Before Calling



Make Free Call While the Receiver Pays on AIRTEL - Have you ever been stranded without airtime, but you really want to speak to your love one or a business partner?

You can make free calls on Airtel and let the receiver make the payment. There are situations where you are out of airtime and need to make that urgent call, maybe you are in a remote location thus couldn’t buy airtime or even recharge via your mobile app or USSD code, or you probably run out of airtime in the middle of a call, or as a student, you might need to call your parents, in any of those situations you might need to use the receiver pays service, hopefully, the recipient will have some Airtime and pay for the call charges.


Here is how to To Make Someone You Are Calling Pay For Your Call On Airtel

The First procedure to follow is written below

To achieve this you will need to dial # before the number you want to pay for the call, note that the number has to be an Airtel number, eg #07092123456, the receiver will need to accept to pay for the calls, else the call wouldn’t go through.

Also, the Second Procedure:

You can also make the receiver sponsor the call by dialling 777 followed by the recipient’s No. Then Send e.g 77708024123456.

Finally learn how to make free call on MTN while the receiver pays.

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