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Nigeria Police IPPIS Number 2022 – How to Retrieve for FREE (



Nigeria Police IPPIS Number - How to Retrieve ( – IPPIS is an Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System created by the Federal Government of Nigeria to help monitor finances and track civil servant records.

In this article, you will learn how to retrieve the Nigeria Police IPPIS Number for administrative purposes. The platform helps the Nigerian Government to effectively pay salaries to workers in various departments in all government agencies, parastatals, and sectors.


The integrated personnel and payroll information system is a web-based application for employee data collection.

It is also important to know that the Nigerian Police IPPIS Official website has been changed from to the official IPPIS Website, this is to enable ease of data collection and taking of records.

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4 How do I verify Ippis?

To access the Nigeria Police IPPIS application, you would require:

  1. An internet enabled device such as a computer system
  2. A browser of your choice on the computer system.
  3. Microsoft Office Suite
  4. Access to the internet

If all of the above requirements have been met, start the browser and enter the URL: in the address bar and connect. You will be redirected to the Login page.

Below is the complete list of MDAs, Department, and Agencies available for the IPPIS

  • Federal Ministry of Justice
  • Federal Ministry of Education
  • Federal Ministry of Power, Works, and Housing
  • Federal Ministry of Information
  • Bureau of Public Procurement
  • Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to Retrieve Your Police IPPIS Number?

If you are a Nigerian Police Officer and you want to get your IPPIS Number kindly go to and enter your reference number and registration token.

Then, click on login, this will take you to the option where you will find your details and your IPPIS Number.

Some of the Questions for IPPIS are stated below

Q1: How do I enroll in IPPIS?

  • You must be a bonafide staff of an MDA and employed in line with prescribed public service rules i.e. not less than 18 years old and not more than 50 years.
  • Registration is usually through the IPPIS project portal; however, after the initial registration form to be completed by the employee and uploaded into the IPPIS application before the staff is registered

Q2: What are the required documents for enrolment?

  • Officer having concluded the self-service enrollment on the project portal, a summary slip would be generated for the officer to be endorsed by appropriate officials of the MDA in duplicate copies. The officer would keep one while the MDA would keep one for the enrollment
  • The officer must present himself physically for biometric data capturing where the facial picture would be taken (religious inclination of female staff is recognized where only the face is taken without requesting for the ears women in Puddah (nikaf) would be required to be taken in private by a female official of the project consultants/federal documents civil service commission)
  • The following documents would be scanned into the IPPIS application:

    i) The self-generated and duly signed IPPIS Summary sheet;
    ii) Staff letter/gazette of the first appointment – new employer need to submit evidence of assumption (if any)
    iv) Letter of last promotion (if any) ;
    v) Birth certificate/affidavit of declaration of age (not newly done).

  • Your ten-finger impression would be taken as well as your facial picture which will be stored on the IPPIS application without which your salary would not be processed

Q3: Why do you require all these documents?

The document would become a permanent record in the IPPIS application for future reference and the staff would not be able to change these at will. This is also to avoid the falsification of records in the future.

Q4: Having enrolled, how can I change my bank or pension administration?

  • You can only change your bank upon presentation of letter of non indebtedness from your present bank with an application informing of the details of your new bank.
  • Also, you are at liberty to change your pension fund administrator in line with the provision of pension reform act 2007

Q5: When do IPPIS System pay salary and why do some people don’t get their salary?

a) Salary through IPPIS is paid after the monthly federal account allocation committee meeting; the dates are not however specific but the salary is paid between the 20th –25th of every month.
b) some staff are not paid if there are discrepancies in their bank details e.g.

  • If the name in the bank is different from what is on the IPPIS platform i.e. some ladies after marriage rush to their banks to change names without changing the same on the IPPIS application.
  • Also some have names like Chukwudi Ayobami Bello in the IPPIS application but have Chukwudi Ayo Bello in the bank this is not the same person and as such the salary will be returned
  • Some have accounts in many banks and as such supplied e.g. eco bank as their bank but forget and give the account number they have with Firstbank, this is a mismatch
  • Some fill in alphabet ”O” in the account number instead of numeric “0” (zero)
  • If your fingerprint is not clear to the IPPIS application, it will reject processing your salary.

This is usually caused by bad finger, heavy smoking, or drinking (alcohol), stroke or amputation as a result of accident or whitlow, etc. exception is created to allow these peculiarities to be taken care of to enable the system to pay such officer.

How do I verify Ippis?

To verify your IPPIS Number, kindly follow the instruction outline below

  1. Go to
  2. Enter IPPIS Number.
  3. Enter the “Captcha” Text shown.
  4. Click on submit.
  5. Click Login.
  6. Fill in all details and submit.

Q6: I work for a ministry but I have been offered another appointment with another government parastatals also under IPPIS, what do I do?

You don’t need to register afresh, you will supply your IPPIS Number to your new MDA and request that your salary be migrated from ministry A to Parastatal X with your new designation and salary structure and level; this is done through the control office in the office of the accountant general of the federation.

Q7: I work for the University of Lagos but I also teach at the Yaba College of technology, how will my two salaries be paid under IPPIS?

  • You cannot work for two federal government organizations i.e. you cannot have appointment letter for full time employment in two organizations in line with code of conduct act
  • You must have a primary place of appointment while any other employment would be part time.What you will do is to register in only your primary place of appointment while you inform your part-time place of appointment of your IPPIS details. That office will calculate your monthly allowance for the part time assignment and upload into the IPPIS platform using your IPPIS Number. This will reflect in your pay slip, but chargeable to that office personnel cost i.e. not chargeable to your primary place of employment.
  • The exception to this is for Research/Academic staff on sabbatical leave. His principal place of employment would pay his full salary while his place of assignment would equally pay his full salary within the same period. This is not counted as double salary as there is approval from such payment.

Q8: Having submitted my details, how will I stop my salary upon retirement or resignation?

  • The system is programme to retire officer using the date of appointment and date of birth to retire officer who have attained 35 years of service or 60 years old for core public servant (whichever one come first); OR 65 years old for research officers in research institutions/tertiary institutions (University, polytechnics and colleges of Education).
  • Similarly, all political appointees excluding CEO who are to retire like core public servant have programmed to continue until they leave office.
  • If you resign suddenly or a staff dies, the Human Resources Department (Role Player) in your organization will EXIT the staff from payroll immediately and this will reflect at the central database in Abuja.

Q9: In this office and in line with Financial Regulation, I used to obtain salary advance, how does this operate under the IPPIS system?

Under IPPIS, personnel costs are released monthly, therefore, Government would not release in “advance” personnel cost to enable you to obtain salary advance. This means that there is no salary advance under IPPIS but you may approach your bank or cooperative society etc as prescribed in the public service rules for advance/loan.

Q10: I am a member of a cooperative society, how would my monthly contribution be deducted and remitted?

Your office IPPIS Role players would create the name of the cooperative society on the IPPIS application with its bank details. The list of members and monthly deduction is also programmed. As salaries are paid, this is deducted from your salary and credited to your cooperative society account. The society can then generate the schedule of all contributors to confirm this payment.

Q11: This office used to pay us 13th Month salary, but we learned IPPIS does not pay. Why?

There is no provision for the 13th Month’s salary in the financial regulation or any guidelines. Salaries are paid for the months or days worked.

Q12: We learned that IPPIS stopped the salaries of some staff on the ground that they were not up to 15 years old upon employment, is this justifiable?

In line with PSR, the minimum age of recruitment is 15 and the maximum of 50; therefore, any age outside could not be pay-rolled by the IPPIS application.

Q13: How does the IPPIS system take care of staff like an intern, NYSC, Clearance, Security Guard, contract staff; etc?

The salaries or allowances of such officers are paid through the Non-Regular Allowance which is approved by the budget office of the federation. They are not pensionable staff and are not qualified to be enrolled in IPPIS.

Q14: Where I do I get my payslip from?

The IPPIS Role player in the payroll section (salary section) would issue your payslip to you on request; but with time, there will be a self-service opening for you to generate your payslip on the internet or e-mailer that would be sending your payslip to your email just like you have a statement of your account on your e-mail.

Q15: Should there be any problem and I could not get my salary, where would the money be kept and how would I recover?

You must ensure that you provide correct details about you and your bank so that your salary is not returned. If it is returned, the salary reverses back to the central bank of Nigeria until you provide the necessary update to enable this office re-apply it. This may however take tie depending on the time you report. This reapplication is processed centrally through your MDA Role players.

Q16: My colleague’s salary is more than your own, why?

  • Your colleague may be on a higher step than you
  • If you belong to a cooperative society or on loan to federal government staff housing loans board etc. and you have deductions, your salary will be less than your colleague
  • If your salary structure is different from your own e.g. CONPSS, CONPASS, CONHESS, etc.

Q17: How will I know my salary has been deposited into my account?

if you have a bank alert from your bank, you will be notified or when your colleagues confirm receipt of their salaries, you may also check your balance in your bank via ATM, etc.

Q18: How do I have my annual increment affected on IPPIS?

In line with PSR 040203, the incremental date is 1st January of every financial year provided the officer has spent a minimum of six months on the job in the previous year i.e. Officer employed and resume duty not later than July 1 of the previous year is qualified for increment in January of the following year.

There is no provision for mid-year increment as laid down in PSR.

Q19: I work in Osun state, where will my tax be paid to, and would the IPPIS system apply the tax rate of Osun state in my salary

  • Your tax is payable to the state where you work and not necessarily the state where the headquarters of your organization is situated. For example, if you are employed by the federal ministry of education and you are posted to federal inspectorate of education in kebbi, your tax is payable to kebbi state and to the account provided by the state governor. The board have schedule of all payee to enable you access your tax clearance certificate in that state. The exception is the military, police and the staff of the ministry of foreign affairs whose tax by law is payable to the federal capital territory.
  • On the tax rate, all federal public servant tax is approved by the federal Inland Revenue service. You may approach the state office of FIRS to obtain the rate applicable to your salary structure enable you compare what is charged to your salary by IPPIS Office.

Q20: I have additional qualifications, how will I add this to my record and would I be moved to the next grade level with this?

  • a) The system will have an opportunity for self-service to enable you to update some of your personal records not under control like additional qualifications etc.
  • b) This additional qualification is not a promotion or upgrading. If obtaining additional qualifications would lead to your upgrading, your IPPIS Role Player in HR would handle this as appropriate.

Q21: How would promotion be reflected on the IPPIS application and how will the arrears of such be paid?

Promotion is HR matter which would be handled by your HR Role Player. However, all accruing arrears would be tabulated and fun requested from the budget office of the federation for the payment since usually it is not in the current financial year budget.

Q22: How is my pension contribution deducted, remitted and how would my employer (Government) add its own counterpart contribution?

Your pension in applicable rate is rate is deducted from your salary and at the same time, government contribution is released through the budget office of the federation and simultaneously credited to your account via your PFA.

Q23: I have just received my promotion after my retirement, how would I be paid the arrears and enhance my pension?

Your office will notify OAGF to re-enlist you for the purpose of paying the promotion arrears and placement. Only the arrears would be paid while all statutory deduction made i.e. tax, pension, NHF. Immediately you will be exited again from the payroll.

If you still have question regarding how to retrive or get your employee ID, kindly leave a comment below and you will get a reply from one of our admins.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.



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