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Can You Make Money Mining Bitcoins Today?



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Bitcoins mining is the application of exchanging one’s time for bitcoins to verify transactions. Many individual Bitcoin miners question whether Bitcoin mining is still lucrative in light of recent technological developments and the emergence of professional mining centers with massive computer capacity. Computer system costs, availability, and pricing are only a few factors to consider. It’s also tough to provide services given the difficulties.


The difficulty of a Bitcoin transaction is by the number of hashes it generates in one second. More miners increase the problem, measured by the hash rate, which varies every 10 minutes due to the network’s architecture to create a specific amount of cryptocurrency every 10 minutes. 1 Miners enter the industry, and difficulty rises to maintain a constant level. In the end, profitability is determined by how much bitcoins are worth in hard cash. For more precise information, visit cryptocurrency

Parts of a Bitcoin Mining Computer

Before the release of new Bitcoin software in 2013, most mining was on home PCs. As a result, using personal computers for bitcoin mining has become inefficient and even obsolete due to the advent of developer integrated circuit (ASIC) chips, which have up to 100,000,000,000 times the capacity of earlier personal PCs.

Mining has been set up in such a way that this is the case: Because miners compete to solve hash issues as rapidly as possible, people with a significant computational disadvantage have almost no chance of being the first to solve a challenge and receiving bitcoins as a reward. However, the introduction of this new machinery brought problems relating to the high costs of purchasing and operating the latest gear and their scarcity.

Profitability Before and Following the Implementation of ASIC

Old-timers (like in 2009) who mined bitcoins only on their home computers made money for various reasons. For starters, because these miners owned their equipment, there were no equipment expenses. They may optimize their PCs’ settings for better performance and less stress. Second, this was before the emergence of large-scale Bitcoin mining farms with enormous amounts of computer power.

The rivalry was on an equal level. Individuals continued to mine even though power costs vary by geographic location. Everything changed when ASICs entered the picture. People now had to compete with more powerful miners rigs that had access to more excellent computer resources. New computer equipment purchases, more significant energy costs for operating the new hardware, and the ongoing mining difficulty reduced mining earnings.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty

The mining difficulty for Bitcoin changes every two weeks, as previously mentioned, to keep the blockchain’s confirmed block output consistent. With a rising difficulty level, it becomes increasingly unlikely that one person can solve the hash issue and earn any bitcoins. The difficulty of Bitcoin was set at one when it initially started. Until May 2020, it’s to be over $16 quadrillion dollars. 34 This illustrates how much more expensive it is to mine cryptocurrency today than even a decade ago.

Rewarding Behavior in a Different Way

It will limit the total number of bitcoins stored on the Bitcoin protocol to 21 million. It has been a significant condition of the whole ecosystem and the cap on the amount of bitcoin it may create. At this time, there are approximately 18 million bitcoins in circulation. The type of protocol halves the number of bitcoins granted to mining for successfully finishing a block every four years as a method of limiting the entry of new coins into circulation. 5 The initial block reward for a bitcoin miner was 50 bitcoins. It reduced this number in 2012, and the prize was high from 25 to 25 cents. It was cut in half once more, this time to a meager 12.5. Potential miners need to know that the payoff size will shrink as the difficulty rises.

Business Environment and Profitability

For some people, bitcoin mining is still a viable and successful business. Despite this, we may purchase competitive ASICs for as little as $100 and as much as $10,000. Some robots have made adjustments to stay relevant. Some technology, for instance, enables users to reduce energy consumption by altering parameters. To determine their break-even point, prospective miners should do a cost-benefit analysis before investing in fixed-cost equipment.

Would-be miners can evaluate the cost-benefit balance of Bitcoin mining using several digital productivity calculators, such as one offered by CryptoCompare. Profitability calculators vary somewhat in complexity, with some being more difficult to understand. Make multiple iterations of your study, each with a different amount of electricity cost and bitcoin value. Change the difficulty level as well to observe how it affects the analysis.

Bernard Bassey is a graduate of Software Engineering from AfriHUB University, Abuja. He is an expert in field journalism, his interest in socio-politics activities is keen.

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