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Closing Date for Npower Verification Batch C Stream 1 2021



N-Power Batch C Extends Date for Physical Verification

The management of the Nasim portal Npower has officially extended the Closing Date for Npower Verification due to the following reason.



Those who were unable to complete their physical verification on time before the 25th of this month should worry no more about the ongoing physical verification. However, due to some challenges that were faced in the physical screening process, the management has decided to extend the closing date for physical verification to the 30th of September, 2021.

Closing Date for Npower Verification Reason for extending the date

Most of the time, the nasim portal seems annoying when trying to process your dashboard. And this process has affected many of the power beneficiaries, trying to print the npower PPA seem difficult and as it stands, 70% of the npower beneficiaries are yet to print and continue to the next step.

due to the current situation of the physical verification process, the management decides to extend the closing date for other beneficiaries to try and complete their verification before the ending of 30th September 2021.

Notice on the Closing Date for Npower Verification

After completing the physical verification, beneficiaries should download their PPA letter via the dashboard and proceed to their place of assignment between 4th October and 8th October.

The deployment letter is to be filled and signed by the Authorised personal in the relevant PPA. either ACCEPT or REJECT.

However, if the deployment letter is Rejected, beneficiaries are to apply for redeployment and upload the rejection letter via the NASIM PORTAL. Furthermore, if the deployment letter is been Accepted, beneficiaries are to up date their status and to upload their acceptance letter on their dashboard via the NASIM PORTAL.

More Information

More information regarding the TRANING VENUE for NON-GRADUATE beneficiaries will be communicated by npower.

I hope this update has reduced some of the npower worries. Have a wonderful day ahead

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