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Places You Can Not Work Without NYSC Certificate

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Places You Can Not Work Without NYSC Certificate – Before we began to list places you can not work without your NYSC certificate in Nigeria, it is clear that a graduate is well recognized with his or her NYSC Certificate before that person can work in some better or favorable organizations in Nigeria.


The graduates undergo a three-week orientation camp and then are posted to different firms for a period of one year, usually far from their state of origin.

After which they are given a certificate. While some enjoy the year, many view it as a waste of time and only go through it, because there are places you cannot work without your NYSC certificate.

Places You Can Not Work Without NYSC Certificate


Most financial institutions are strict during their recruitment procedures and require the NYSC certificate. Banks might allow entry level workers without the certificate, but usually insist permanent staff present complete papers.

Insurance companies

Like other financial institutions, insurance firms also insist on NYSC certificates especially the top-tier ones. Note that most can waive the strict policy aside depending on the relationship you have with your employers.

Multi-national companies

Most multinationals will insist on a NYSC certificate for all staff, this is to ensure proper documentation in the workforce. Below are examples:

– Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Oil & Gas Multinational.

– Chevron Oil & Gas Multinational. – Mobil Oil & Gas Multinational.

– Total Oil & Gas Multinational.

– Nestlé Nigeria FMCG Multinational.

– Halliburton Energy Oil & Gas Multinational.

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